Legal Competence

Business Know-How




The economic success of our clients requires legal expertise and entrepreneurial know-how!


Our law firm sees itself as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to be the first point of contact for our clients and a reliable partner in all legal matters. We identify with our clients' problems and are always by your side as a strong partner, passionately defending your rights in order to efficiently and securely enforce your interest. For special legal questions or transnational cases, we add specialized colleagues and/or colleagues in the respective countries to our team in order to ensure the most efficient and powerful legal solution for our clients. Through our wide network and cooperations with other law firms, tax consultancies and other business-related service providers in Germany, Austria, UK, Croatia and Serbia, we are always able to offer tailor-made, professional solutions for your specific problem and remain your personal contact on site. Of course, this service does not cause any additional costs for you.




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