Base for lawyers' fees

Usually, we charge our fees based on an hourly rate, agreed with the client in advance. Our concrete hourly rate depends on the complexity of the project, the value and other relevant factors. However, we always pay attention to a reasonable price-performance ratio.


Generally, the legal situation regarding lawyers' fees in Germany is as follows:


Lawyers' fees base either on the German Lawyers Compensation Act (RVG) or on a fee agreement. Fee agreements are always possible instead of billing according to the RVG. However, the provisions of §§ 49b BRAO and 3a ff. RVG must be observed. In court proceeding, however, lawyers' fees below the fees stipulated by RVG cannot be agreed. An agreement of a higher than the legal remuneration is possible at any time though.


Legal Fees

The RVG initially consists of the legal text and addionally the remuneration list. The text of the law contains general fees and charges, the remuneration list and individual charges. In civil, adminstrative and social law, fees are calculated on the value of the case. This system of non-work-related compensation is intended to ensure so-called "cross-subsidisation". High value mandates are meant to financially balance mandates with high workload and low value.


More information can be found on the homepage of the German Federal Bar Association.


For information with respect to Austrian fee regulations, please feel free to contact us any time.

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